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Unformatted text preview: SFSU Ethnic Studies 220.03 ASIANS IN AMERICA Fall 2008 Daniel Phil Gonzales Humanities 246, 415.338-7591, [email protected] Open Office Hours: M, 13:15-15:15; Th: 10:15-11:15 COURSE DESCRIPTION: Examination of the various factors that define minority groups and their positions in American society using Asian Americans as a case study. Particular attention to the perspectives and methodologies of the emerging discipline of Ethnic Studies. COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. introduce students to basic concepts, theories and methods of social inquiry as applicable to the analysis of ethnic cultures, societies and experience; 2. introduce students to the complex issues related to cultural diversity in American society; 3. acquaint students with the cultural character and diversity of contemporary Asian American and Pacific American societies; 4. acquaint students with the cultural, social, historical, economic and political variables that shape the socio-cultural character of Asian American societies; 5. provide students with an understanding of the position of Asian American groups in American society both as perceived from within Asian American communities and as seen by other groups in American society; 6. inform students of the roots and effects of institutionalized racism in American society in general and Asian American society in particular. GENERAL EDUCATION: EthS 220 fulfills three units of the minimum nine-unit requirement in the Behavioral and Social Sciences Area of the General Education Program. See the current SFSU Bulletin for other courses that fulfill elements of the BSS requirement. EthS 220 also fulfills the American Ethnic and Racial Minority (AERM) requirement. INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS: Lecture/discussion, audio-visual presentation, small-group discussions, guest lectures. Reading assignments, written papers, projects and examinations will parallel classroom lectures. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: midterm examination, written assignments, research paper (8 to 12 pages) and final examination will be valued for cumulative grading on the following basis: Class Participation:..................................................10% 3 Objective Examinations @ 13.33% each:...............403 Objective Examinations @ 13....
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0-2_SYL_08f - SFSU Ethnic Studies 220.03 ASIANS IN AMERICA...

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