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SFSU D.P. Gonzales Ethnic Studies 220 Examination 2 Study Guide Re Race and Ethnicity: Internal Views of Asian America E. San Juan Jr.: - discussing Filipino writing, San Juan Jr. covers the work of Carlos Bulosan to Jessica Hagedorn - condemns “Flips”/Filipino Americans for identifying with the colonizer - DPG criticizes E. San Juan for erroneous assumptions and analysis of term “Filipino American” - Bulosan as literary/political hero used by American politicians to support American nationalism during World War II - Hagedorn praised as literarily important, yet criticized as supportive of the American “liberalistic” “multicultural canon.” Elaine Kim: - Korean Americans squeezed between black and white - much-publicized Korean immigrant versus African American conflict - general American media overemphasized Sa-I-Ku from a distorted anti-Korean American point of view - South Koreans as alien masses - no coverage of major international events about Koreans - American ignorance of the influence of US and South Korean political agendas, conflicts with North Korea, international conflicts - negative, racist reactions to Dr. Kim s personal essay in Newsweek magazine o Anglo-Euro “cultural” and racial superiority, outright ignorance, skewed knowledge of history o denial of racism at the national and personal level
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0-2_X2_Study_08f - SFSU D.P. Go nzales Ethnic S tudies 220...

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