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SFSU D.P. Gonzales Ethnic Studies 220: Analytical Research Paper Due Date: no later than 16 December 2008, 5:00pm, at HUM 246 Value: 20% of final grade Objective: The central objective of this paper is your critical analysis of one or more academic articles that concern, as their main topic, a cultural, economic or political aspect of the life experience of: a. Asian Americans , generally , in broad coverage, or ; b. one or more specific Asian American ethnic communities . Description: The chosen article must : a. be an academic article in print and published in an academic or professional journal such as the Journal for the Association of Asian American Studies (John Hopkins) or Amerasia Journal (UCLA); b. have been published within two years or less ; c. present a statement, theoretical or practical, that is supported by an ethnic studies/social scientific approach or process; d. contain qualitative statements and , if it all possible, quantitative, statistical data.
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