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EthS 220: Asians in America Examination 3 Study Guide Paul Spickard: o criticizes Richard Rodriguez position on adoption of dominant Anglo-American values, culture and identity o describes extreme negativity of general society toward mixed-race couples o Prof. Gonzales: warned that negative stereotypes of mixed-race people based on real multi-lateral social and cultural rejection, most people of mixed race possess a healthy, integrated sense of self o Gonzales: humorous/serious criticism of negative stereotypes by Filipinos about themselves to illustrate internalized self-damaging thinking resulting from external racism and prejudice o Gonzales: racial minorities, including Asians in America typically define membership in their ethnic community in terms of “purity” of bloodline/ancestry However, when person of mixed race attains high achievement and positive public notice, the typically rejecting community is quick to claim them as “one of their own” King Koh Cheung: male critics of Maxine Hong Kingston are masculinist/sexist o they challenge white racism by raising the importance of Chinese heroism o but they do so from a male point-of-view that celebrates and promotes violence o their criticism of Kingston is undeserved and inaccurate Gonzales re Cheung: o Cheung discards the main focus of the Chin and Chan criticism: inaccurate depiction of Chinese and Chinese American culture o Kingston’s depiction of Asian males as entirely flawed and white males as heroic o Cheung states that Kingston never retaliated against Chin’s attack o Gonzales states that Kington’s Tripmaster Monkey contains a very detailed physical description of the main character – Wittman Ah Sing - that absolutely matches Frank Chin’s well-known appearance and San Francisco location during the period setting for the book – the 1960s: the character is generally brutishly, offensively humorous, brooding, and dislikeable o Cheung and many others make no mention of the fact that Chin, Chan, Shawn Wong – all well- published authors – were members of the SF State Asian American Studies department at the time of the criticisms of Kingston’s Woman Warrior o Gonzales commented that popular Amy Tan also castes Chinese males in a negative light –
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0-X3_Study_Guide_08f - EthS 220 Asians i n Am erica...

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