BMB401 F03 T3 KEY

BMB401 F03 T3 KEY - I, (Name) _ have neither received nor...

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I, (Name) _________________________________________ have neither received nor given help BMB 401/506 – Fall 2003 KEY Third Examination November 11, 2003 During this exam you should not be in possession of a beeper or a cellular phone. Please place your beeper or cellular phone in your book bag (after you turn it off!!) and place the bag against the wall of the room. You can only use calculators that do not have memory capabilities for alphabetic characters. Other calculators should also be placed in your bag. THESE ARE STANDARD SINGLE ANSWER MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS. THE POSSIBLE ANSWERS ARE LABELED A, B, C, D AND E. SELECT THE SINGLE BEST ANSWER AND MARK THE APPROPRIATE CIRCLE ON THE SCANTRON ANSWER SHEET. Bubble in your name and ID# (C# please). There are 45 questions. You will receive full credit for 42 correct answers. 1. How many carbon atoms are added at a time to a fatty acid during its biosynthesis? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 2. Which of the following properties make triacylglycerols more efficient than glycogen for the storage of metabolic energy? A. Reduced and hydrated B. Oxidized and dehydrated C. Oxidized and hydrated D. Reduced and anhydrous 3. Aspirin is a potent anti-inflammatory agent because it inhibits: A. Lipoxygenase B. Phospholipase C. Fatty acid synthase D. Cyclooxygenase 4. Which ONE of the following enzymes requires 5’- deoxyadenosylcobalamin as a co-factor to carry out its reaction? A. Fatty acid synthase B. Propionyl CoA carboxylase C. Methylmalonyl CoA racemase D. Methylmalonyl CoA mutase E. HMG-CoA synthase 5. Which ONE of the following answers completes the sentence correctly? The major product of the fatty acid synthase complex in mammals is: A. Oleic acid B. Linolenic acid C. Linoleic acid D. Palmitic acid E. Stearic acid 6. Which ONE the following statements about mammalian acetyl CoA carboxylase is INCORRECT? A. It is active in the phosphorylated form B. It is active in the dephosphorylated form C. It contains covalently linked biotin as a prosthetic group D. It is activated by citrate E. It is phosphorylated by an AMP-dependent protein kinase 7. The conversion of propionyl CoA to succinyl CoA proceeds through the following steps: A. Formation of D-methylmalonyl CoA B. Conversion of D-methylmalonyl CoA to L- methylmalonyl CoA C. Transformation of L-methylmalonyl CoA to succinyl CoA D. All of the above 8. One of the following statements about acetoacetate is FALSE. Which ONE? A. Is the immediate precursor of both β-hydroxybutyrate and acetone B. Cannot be used by the brain as a fuel C. Levels in blood increase in the fasted state D. Formation is critical in long-term starvation for neural function E. Is produced by a metabolic pathway in which HMG- CoA is a key intermediate 9. Which of the following compounds is NOT an intermediate of the urea cycle? A.
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BMB401 F03 T3 KEY - I, (Name) _ have neither received nor...

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