BMB401 F04 T2 - I(Name have neither received nor given help...

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I, (Name) _________________________________________ have neither received nor given help BMB 401/506-Fall 2004 Second Examination October 12, 2004 KEY During the exam you should not be in possession of a beeper, calculator or a cellular phone. Please place your beeper or your cellular phone in your book bag (after you turn it off!!) and place the bag against the wall of the room. THESE ARE STANDARD SINGLE ANSWER MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS. THE POSSIBLE ANSWERS ARE LABELED A,B,C,D AND E. SELECT THE SINGLE BEST ANSWER AND MARK THE APPROPRIATE CIRCLE ON THE SCANTRON ANSWER SHEET. Bubble in your name and ID# (C# please). There are 36 questions. You will receive full credit for 34 correct answers. 1. Which ONE of the following five components could be omitted from a mixture, yet glycogen synthesis would still take place? A. Glucose-1-phosphate B. Branching enzyme C. Glycogenin D. UDP glucose E. Glycogen synthase 2. What enters mitochondria when ATP exits? A. ADP + P i B. AMP C. GDP D. AMP + P i 3. The participation of which enzyme distinguishes anaerobic from aerobic glycolysis? A. Glucose-6-phosphatase B. Glucokinase C. Citrate synthase D. Lactic acid dehydrogenase E. Triose Phosphate Isomerase 4. The pentose phosphate pathway provides an essential component (s) needed for the synthesis of: A. ATP B. dATP C. Both A and B D. Neither A nor B 5. CO 2 - fixing enzymes such as pyruvate carboxylase use a coenzyme the vitamin: A. Pyridoxal phosphate B. Riboflavin C. Thiamine pyrophosphate D. Biotin E. Nicotinic acid 6. The most abundant energy reserve in a normal person exists in the form of: A. Glycogen stored in liver and muscle B. Muscle proteins C. Circulating plasma proteins D. Phospholipids in the blood E. Triacylglycerol in the adipose tissue 7. The main source of lactate in the blood of a working normal subject is: A. Brain B. Liver C. Kidney D. Muscle E. Heart 8. Only ONE of following combinations is correct. Which one? Glycolysis Kreb’s cycle A. Uses ATP - + B. Found in cytoplasm + + C. May need assistance of an anaplerotic reaction + - D. Produces NADH + + E. Functions aerobically and anaerobically - + 9. A metabolic pathway proceeds according to the scheme R S T U V→W. A regulatory enzyme, E, catalyzes the first reaction in the pathway. Which of the following is most likely correct for this pathway? A.
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BMB401 F04 T2 - I(Name have neither received nor given help...

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