BMB258 S04 T4 KEY

BMB258 S04 T4 KEY - NAME(Please print BMB 258 EXAMINATION I...

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NAME: _____________________ (Please print) BMB – 258 - EXAMINATION I February 17, 2005 KEY During this exam you should not be in possession of a beeper or a cellular phone. Please place your beeper or cellular phone in your book bag (after you turn it off!!) and place the bag against the wall of the room. You can only use calculators that do not have memory capabilities for alphabetic characters. Other calculators should also be placed in your bag. THESE ARE STANDARD SINGLE ANSWER MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS. THE POSSIBLE ANSWERS ARE LABELED A, B, C, D AND E. SELECT THE SINGLE BEST ANSWER FOR QUESTIONS 1-24 AND FILL IN THE CORRESPONDING CIRCLE ON THE SCANTRON SHEET. PRINT YOUR NAME ON THIS PAGE AND ON EACH OF THE SHORT ANSWER / FILL-IN PAGES. 1. Arrange the following in the proportion by weight in which they occur in a typical cell, low to high. 1. building blocks 2. proteins 3. inorganic ions 4. nucleic acids A. 3,1,4,2 B. 1 3 2 4 C. 4 3 1 2 D. 2 1 3 4 2. A chaperone can assist one of the following protein structural features. Which one? A. folding into three-dimensional structure B. breaking disulfide bonds C. changing the proportion of α-helixes and β-pleated sheets D. removing anti-parallel β-sheets E. none of the above 3. Which is the strongest type of bond? A. van der Waals B. ionic C. hydrogen D. covalent 4. In addition to the relative rates of synthesis and degradation of an enzyme, which factors may influence its ability to catalyze reactions in a cell? A. location B. state of phosphorylation C. presence of allosteric effectors D. B + C E. A + B + C 1 of 10
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5. All but one of the following is characteristic of protein structure. Which one is not? A. disulfide bond B. ionic bond C. base pairing D. hydrogen bond E. hydrophobic interaction 6. The action of a second messenger can be connected with four of the following five statements. Which one is not involved? A. hormone receptor B. protein phosphorylation C. signal transduction D. coenzyme E. hormone 7. If a sample of DNA contained 40% adenine, what would you expect the content of guanine to be? A. 40% B. 30% C. 15% D. 10% E. 5% 8. When the cellular content of NADP + decreases, what do you expect will increase in concentration? A. NADP + B. NADH C. NADPH D. FAD E. FADH 2 9. Which RNA sequence would be copied by RNA transcriptase to yield the DNA sequence TAGCG? A.
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BMB258 S04 T4 KEY - NAME(Please print BMB 258 EXAMINATION I...

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