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BMB258 S06 T1 KEY - NAME(Please print BMB 258 EXAMINATION I...

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NAME: _____________________ (Please print) BMB – 258 - EXAMINATION I February 16, 2006 KEY During this exam you should not be in possession of a beeper or a cellular phone. Please place your beeper or cellular phone in your book bag (after you turn it off!!) and place the bag against the wall of the room. You can only use calculators that do not have memory capabilities for alphabetic characters. Other calculators should also be placed in your bag. THESE ARE STANDARD SINGLE ANSWER MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS. THE POSSIBLE ANSWERS ARE LABELED A, B, C, D AND E. SELECT THE SINGLE BEST ANSWER FOR QUESTIONS 1-24 AND FILL IN THE CORRESPONDING CIRCLE ON THE SCANTRON SHEET. PRINT YOUR NAME ON THIS PAGE AND ON EACH OF THE SHORT ANSWER / FILL-IN PAGES. 1. The folding of a protein into its three-dimensional structure may be assisted by a _________? A. coenzyme B. disulfide b a ond breaker C. chaperone D. ribozyme E. prosthetic group 2. What best describes the describes the structural relation between D-glucose and D- galactose? A. anomers B. epimers C. mirror images D. both are ketoses E. both are pentoses 3. Which of the following does not contain hydrogen bonds? A. DNA B. water C. protein α-helixes D. triglycerides E. ice 4. Which of the following do you not associate with catabolism? A. protein synthesas synthesis B. ATP synthesis C. oxidation of carbon to carbon dioxide D. oxidation of hydrogen to water E. synthesis of urea 1 of 11
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5. A futile cycle would be generated if the following substances (A-E) were mixed. But the cycle would still occur if one substance was omitted. Which one? A. glucose B. glucose 6-phosphatase C. fructose D. ATP E. G g lucokinase 6. In a typical cell the class of organic substance present in greatest amount is? A. carbohydrate B. RNA C. protein D. DNA E. coenzymes 7. The following are pairs of coenzymes in different states of oxidation/reduction. In which state does the cell maintain these coenzymes? A. NAD + NADP + B. NADP + NADH C. NADH NADPH D. NADPH NAD + E. none of the above 8. When reverse traanscriptase transcriptase transcribes U in RNA to add a base to a growing DNA chain, which base is placed in the DNA? A. U B. C C. G D. A E. T 9. The Cori cycle transfers spent fuel from muscle and erythrocytes to the __________? A. heart B. brain C. lungs D. kidneys E. liver 10. Which of the following coenzymes are formed from a vitamin? A.
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BMB258 S06 T1 KEY - NAME(Please print BMB 258 EXAMINATION I...

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