C111PT1S06 - ‘ What is the mags in grams of 7.4 X...

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Unformatted text preview: _/ (. ‘ . What is the mags in grams of 7.4 X 10‘” atoms of aluminum? 1) SM @123 X 10'3 (3) 0.0332 (4) 26.98 \c 221’- ",_"/ CHEMISTRY 111 FEBRUARY 10, 2006 FIRST EXAM BUBBLE IN YOUR NAIWE AND STUDENT NUMBER ON THE SCANTRON SHEET FOR PROPER IDENTIFICATION. THERE IS ONLY ONE BEST ANSWER FOR. EACH QUESTION ‘int *ti: :." / ilWhich of the followin is properly ordered in terms of increasing length? / Mum<km<m km<m<Mm mn<um<m (4) m<en1<mm_. _/ _ (5) none of the choices l are ordered from sma est-wlargest ‘ ' _: J r— . The boiling point ofthe noble gas argon is 186°C, What is this in SI units? l (1) #13600 7K (3) —459K (4) OK (5) 67K 1/ M fizz/mtg)” How many cm3 are in a in]? ‘ I) 100 (2) 0.010 (3) 1.0)(111‘-"1.0X10G (5) 1.0x10—6 - The element _? is represented by symbol B? \ (l) barium E) beryllium =71" boron (“Q bromine (‘5; bismuth figment has a mass of 1.245 X 10""2‘2 g. What is the e \y/ One atom of [e nt‘? K argon carbon (3)\atuminum N titanium @ arsenic 6 The most abundant isotope of titanium in our environment is the isotope with 26 neutrons. The proper c mica} symbol for that isotope is '.7_. 1) “Ti (2) 1“ Ti (3) ‘l‘iK— (4) 99Ta (5) “Ta ,- ’1 I. Ix. Which of the following has the same number of electrons as 23Na"? (1) 2011.: “Mg” (3) 19F— ((92.11 ofthe choices 1—3 (5) none ofthe choices 1—3 (5) 4.55 X 10“5 9 A 0.10 mole sample of water has what mass? )0.1og (2) 0.10kg (3) 18g 1.8g (5) 0.183 I . A. 0.10 mole sample ofwater contains how many hydrogen ato ” i V _ ) 6X10” (2) 5x1022 (3) 1.2x 10“ 1.2)(1023 (5) 0.10 ll A cigarette. lighter contains the Substance butane (C4Hm) with the following properties. .A’. the lighter contains 4 g of butane " c density of the butane is 0.57 g em_3 C. the freezing point of the butane is —l 33°C all“: butane will burn in air Which of the properties desoribed is a chemical p erty of butane? '1) A (2) B,C &D (3) C & D D (5) all Offl'ICSc l . Which of the ropertics of butane desoribed above are Intensive properties of butane? l)—.A ,- B,C&D (3)C&D (4)]: (5) BEN: Glyoxal is an organic compound with the molecular formula CszOz. Which of the compounds below will have identical mass %’s ofthe elemean as glyoxnl? 'QCeHsQS (I) C2H402 (2) (3.1111306 (3) CzHDz (5) none of these since they all have different molecular fonnulao 1 # PAGE 2 — A compound was analyzed and found to contain 21.7% carbon, 9.6% oxygen and 63.7% fluorine by mass. is the empirical formula of this compound? . ' Cyclopropane is a componnd of carbon and hydrogen that is used as a general anesthetic. When 1.00 g of cyclopronane was burned in an excess of oxygen, 3.14 g ot‘CO2 and 1.29 g of H20 were produced. What is empirical formula of cyclopropane? CH (2) CH2 (3) CH203 (4) (5) none of these is correct c two compounds, Fe304 and Fe203, illustrate the law of multiple proportions. For the same mass of iron ' I at is the ratio of the masses of the oxygen in the compounds? in pics of each eempoun _ firm (2)2to3 )to4 (gonna (563109 Which contains the largest number of carbon 2;..- (1) 0.10 mol of carbon atoms / v I 1.2,; carbon (3) 0.10 mol ofCl-L, .6 g ofCI-I4 (5) all are the same if e second most abundant element is the crust of - - ’ (1) H (2) He (3) o (4) c .' e element described in the prob! is properly classified as a(an) _?_. ) metal (2) non-metal etslloid (4) transition element (5) compound has four valence electrons. This element is _7_ . An atom of the element with 8 protons will have ? valence electrons? (13):; (2)8 (3)3 (4)4 __" (5) the answer will depend on which element and isotope with 3 protons is invoked . An atom of which element listed below is most electronegative? . l (’l) aluminum (2) gallium (3) germanium (4) arsenic losphorous $1M: atom of which cle nt listed below is least electroncgative'? 1) aluminum gallium (3) germanium (4) arsenic (5) phosphorous " nil-Bromine consists of two isotopes, 79Br with an atomic mass of 78.913 and 31Br with an atomic mass of 0.916. What is the per - “3;.- of the 79B: isotope in naturally occurring bromine? ) 47% (2) 49.35% 50.65% (4) 79.9% (5) more information is needed \J- 4 Which of the Lewis Structures below is correct for the nitrite anion, N02“? w rs) '- b XShown below is the Lewis “dot” structure proposed by a student for the C02 molecule. What, if anything, is 2,!) incorrect with this structure? (1) nothing is incorrect, the structure is valid (2) the structure contains too many valence electrons (3) the structure contains too few valence electrons (4) one or more atoms do not have nobel gas structures © the structure is invalid because covalent bonding is invalid for these atoms \l 0' I! C OJ— IQ l-C i go it) 3 7. Le “PAGE 3 —-— compound AlCig is an example of a class of compounds known as ___?_ salts (2) organic compounds (3) elements homogeneous mixtures (5) heterogeneous mixtures mine will form a c pound exhibiting ionic bonding with which element listed below? calcium chlorine ysilioon {(Ar) oxygen (8’ hydrogen . Which is properly classified as a ion element? calcium pf carbon mmium (4) on g) none of these . Which of the statements below regarding the elements in group VIII ofthe periodic chart is incorrect? the elements in this group are very unreactive (very stable) this family of elements is collectively know as the noble gases (37‘ one of the elements in this group is the Second most abundant element in the universe (4) all elements in the group have eight valence electrons @311 of the statement 1—4 are correct, none are incorrect . A covalent bond between two atoms A & B is represented as A—B and is best described as _? (l) the sharing of a core electron (2) aring of a valence electron — (2) the sharing of two core electrons he sharing of two valence electrons (5) the gain and loss of valence electrons be eon A and B to form cati0n and anion TURN IN YOUR SCANTRON SHEETS. KEEP YOUR EXAM PAPERS. A KEY TO THE EXAIVIINATION WILL BE POSTED IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE EXAM. ...
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C111PT1S06 - ‘ What is the mags in grams of 7.4 X...

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