Faultlines - Faultlines Chapter: 1 Political Culture...

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Faultlines Chapter: 1 Political Culture Huntington – One Nation Out of Many Main Points - America’s core culture has been based on the settlers who founded our nation - Protestant values have shaped American Life - Throughout history people who were not white Anglo Saxon protestants have become Americans by adopting our culture and values - National Identity has begun to fade due to multiculturalism and diversity - 9/11 helped to unite the country - With high levels of Mexican and Hispanic immigration, the country could become a divided culture and society Evidence - Americans feel strongly that members of this country should know how to speak English - Mexican Americans are lagging in educational achievement - Studies show Mexicans are less supportive of American values Menand – Patriot Games Main Points - Americans are the most patriotic people in the world - Inclusiveness turned out to be a flag around which Americans could rally - Multiculturalism is part of the democratic experiment - “Diverse” is what Americans are taught to call themselves Evidence - Menand displays evidence to disprove many of Huntington’s statistics - By any standard linguistic assimilation is widespread Chapter 2: Is Amending the Constitution Risky? Sullivan – What’s Wrong with Constitutional Amendments? Main Points - Constitution was intended to endure for ages to come - Amendments are too dangerous, they can not be undone
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- It is a bad idea to politicize the constitution (1) - Changes usually turn out bad or have unintended consequences - Amendments could cause a mutiny against the authority of the supreme court (2) - Case in point: DO NOT AMEND THE CONSTITUTION Evidence - The constitution has only been amended 27 times - The more the constitution is amended the more it seems like ordinary legislation
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Faultlines - Faultlines Chapter: 1 Political Culture...

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