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EAS 207 Fall 2011 HW Collection and Grading Schedule EAS 207B (159 students) M W F 12-12:50 @ HOCH 114 EAS 207C (116 students) M W F 11-11:50 @ HOCH 114 EAS 207A (71 Students) M W F 3:00-3:50 @ Knox 14 TA / Dates Sep. 7 th to Oct 3 rd (12 Hws) Oct 5 th to Nov 4 th (12 Hws) Nov 7 th to Dec 9 th (12 Hws) Manish Section A Section B Section C Maria Section B Section C Section A
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Unformatted text preview: Nick Section C Section A Section B Notes for TAs: 1) Collect the HWs from class room at the start of the lecture and return the graded HWs at the same time. 2) Follow the HW grading policy stated in the ‘Course Outline’ to grade the collected HWs. 3) Record the HW grades on EAS207 homepages at Ublearns website....
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