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GM Meeting Minutes 03 - October 11 Beer Diner W.J...

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Meeting Minutes Title: General Meeting 03 Wed. 9/21/11 6:30PM-7:30PM Place: Ketter 140 Author: Isabel Gonzalez Attendance: 68 Students: 67 Faculty: 0 Faculty Advisor: 0 Practitioner Advisor(s): 1 Other: 0 Items: Talked about Allegany Camping Trip - need people to bring in money to help out with food Tailgate 9/24 Holly Justice 9/28 Playground Construction 9/30 if others don't want to go camping Construction Career Day 10/6 - need 2-3 seniors to help Open House 10/15 - need some people to help setup for 20 minutes Jason Havens, Buffalo President gives some announcements Handing over $23,000 check to ASCE Speaker series for Shadow Program Need people to help with website, any level of web design is fine
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Unformatted text preview: October 11 - Beer Diner W.J. Morissey's Speakers - Bridge, Structural, Transportation, Environmental, Geotech • Jason Havens showed a Transportation Project of his Rehab a 3 span bridge (Akron Falls Park) Design a project, but could sit on self for a few years due to economy State bid project, with Federal Funding, Standards changed from the point of design to construction Assessment: Turnout was a bit larger than expected. (Probably for the free pizza at this meeting) Students were interested in having the speakers come talk about Bridges & Structures mainly. Suggestions:...
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