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Officer Meeting 02

Officer Meeting 02 - • Think about Leadership positions...

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Meeting Minutes Title: Officer Meeting 02 Wed. 09/14/2011, 2PM - 3PM Place: Jarvis 205 Author: Isabel Gonzalez Attendance: Students: 4 Faculty: 0 Faculty Advisor: 1 Practitioner Advisor(s): 0 Other: 0 Items: Truck testing today at 4PM Send an officer to go to Engineering Council Meeting tonight 7PM Furnas 206 Make sure people are registered for the soccer match at tonight's GM Ask if anyone is signed up as an ASCE National Member Budget is not reinstated, SA account is frozen because ETS not returning receipts ~ 300 $ cash UBF is legit $350 in SBI - Do want to use it to fund Allegany State Park trip? Francis gave Max a donation form for SBI account Do we want to have a Buffalo Section Representative to attend the Section Meetings to ask questions and take notes for the officers??
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Unformatted text preview: • Think about Leadership positions for next year- National Conference-Officers, Captains, extra people- Leadership Conference - Memphis, TN- Do we want to drive/fly? 11 hrs driving- Pros/Cons Which is Cheapest? • Construction Career Day Oct. 5/6 Wed/Thurs • Sept 16 - Engineering BBQ • Sept 19 - ASCE Table with Interactive Display • HOMECOMING WEEK NEXT WEEK - SIGN UP FOR EVENTS!!!!! • Registration & Inspection on Trailer • Open House Oct. 15 Assessment: Very well organized. Everyone brought up great points and pros/cons on mode of transportation. Flying is too expensive for the # of members we would bring. Driving is more economical. Suggestions:...
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