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Officer Meeting 04 - Maxwell Todd John Ellis Ashley Tarasco...

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Meeting Minutes Title: Officer Meeting 04 Wed. 9/28/11 2:00PM Place: Jarvis 205 Author: Isabel Gonzalez Attendance: 3 Students: 3 Faculty: 0 Faculty Advisor: 0 Practitioner Advisor(s): 0 Other: 0 Items: Dock proposal - need sketchup and estimated costs, what type of material, floating or not? $4000 to go to National Convention driving, hotel, registration, Francis Mahaney Isabel Gonzalez
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Unformatted text preview: Maxwell Todd John Ellis Ashley Tarasco // Karlee Oelbeck Alvaro Giron Tim Arnold Ben Flamio Chris Agro Karen Bellanca // Alexis Sigeti Craig Sean // Derrek Need to get ETS to respond back!!! Assessment: It went very well! Got close to finalizing the list of people for the National Convention. Suggestions:...
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