158 Syllabus F-11(1)

158 Syllabus F-11(1) - PHY158 PHYSICS LABORATORY SYLLABUS...

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1 PHY158 PHYSICS LABORATORY SYLLABUS, FALL 2011 REGISTRATION: Students must register for the labs separately from the lectures. GOALS: The goal of the lab is to explore the experimental basis of mechanics and electricity covered in PHY 107 and 108 . It is expected that you will understand the material presented in those classes-you will likely need it for your lab reports and for the exams. GRADING / EVALUATION: 20 % of your grade is determined from your lab reports. 50 % of your grade will be determined by a comprehensive final examination. 30 % of your grade will be determined by mid-term exam. If you have a grade of 0 for 5 or more lab reports, or your final average is less than 30%, you will receive an F in this class. If your final average is between 30% and 45% you will receive a D in this class. The grade distribution for students with a final average above 45% is listed below. Grade A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- Percent of students that receive grade 15% 15% 15% 20% 15% 8% 6% 6% Of the students with a final average greater than 45%, the top 15% will receive an A, the next 15% will receive an A- etc. A final average of 92% or higher will guarantee an A. TEXT : Mechanics and Electricity Laboratory Manual for Physics 158 , 3 nd Edition. It is available at the bookstore. MID TERM EXAM: The two-hour mid-term exam will contain: Questions similar to those found in the manual in section VII for any experiment covered by the exam. These are an excellent way to prepare for the exam. You may be given a set of data and you will be asked to carry out simple analysis based on what you have learned in the lab. The exam will draw heavily on the techniques used to analyze data or methods used in conducting the experiment. It will be very difficult to do well on the exam without writing your own lab reports. The exam will not be returned. You will have a limited time frame to review your exam. The exam will be on Saturday, 10/15 at 5:00 PM and will cover M0, M2 and M4. FINAL EXAM:
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158 Syllabus F-11(1) - PHY158 PHYSICS LABORATORY SYLLABUS...

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