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158-M11 Manual Addendum rev 6 - M11 Rotational Dynamics PHY...

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1 M11 Rotational Dynamics PHY 158 I. Objectives To test some aspects of rotational dynamics, specifically - the relationship between torque and angular acceleration - the rotational inertia of different objects. II. Equipment - PASCO rotational dynamics apparatus 9279 - mass holder for the rotational dynamics apparatus - 2x 5g, 2x 10g masses - meter stick - stopwatch III. Introduction In preparation for this lab, read M10 part III , M11 part III , and M12 part III in your PHY158 lab manual. IV. Experimental Method To study the physics discussed in M10-12 III, the rotational apparatus is set up as shown in the figure below. A steel disk floats on an air cushion so that it can rotate about its center axis with minimal friction. A mass m drops under the influence of gravity a fixed height ( h = 90 cm), and sets a steel disk into rotational motion via a string. Measure the drop time t for different masses m ( V-1 ), and measure the drop times for different objects attached on to the top of the steel disk ( V-2 and V-3 ). V. Procedure V-1: Use the steel disc of mass M and radius R . Measure and record the mass of the steel disk and the mass holder. Suspend the mass holder of mass m from the end of the string as shown in the figure. Allow m to drop from point A (at a height h = 90 cm from the floor) to point B on the floor under the influence of gravity. Use a stopwatch to h A B m floor steel disc t string
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2 measure the drop time t . Repeat the above measurement a total of six times and record the drop times. Note that there are three screws with different colored heads on the table.
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158-M11 Manual Addendum rev 6 - M11 Rotational Dynamics PHY...

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