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Experiment 5: Proof of Alcohol Date Performed: 2/15/11 Name: Kate McMillan Date Submitted: 2/23/11 CHM1045 Section: 16 Yengjie Yu
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Purpose: Students will learn how to use a seperatory funnel and pyrex glassware, both instruments were used to teach students how to separate liquids and to gain an understanding of the tools for future classes. Procedure: Dillon, Stephanie. “Proof of Alcohol.” CHM1045L Online Manual . Fall 2006. 24 January 2007 http://www.chem.fsu.ed/chemlab/chem1045lmanual/alcohol/procedure.html Data: Part I: Mass of Grad Cyl Volume of liquid Mass of liquid Density of liquid 40.2767g 3.0mL 2.269g .7563g/mL Part II: Mass of graduated cylinder 60.3410g Mass of graduated cylinder with solution 83.4475g Mass of solution 23.1065g Volume of solution 25mL Density of solution .92426g/mL Mass of salt 1.0395g Mass of water layer 18.4168g Mass of alcohol 5.6907g Volume of water layer 20mL Volume of alcohol 5mL Density of water layer .92079 Percent alcohol by mass 24.63% Percent alcohol based on 85% efficiency
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This note was uploaded on 11/04/2011 for the course CHEM 1041L taught by Professor Dillon during the Spring '11 term at FSU.

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mcmillank_ex5 - Experiment 5 Proof of Alcohol Date...

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