Ramayana - The Ramayana is an ancient epic poem of India...

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The Ramayana is an ancient epic poem of India dating back to the 3 rd century B.C.E. Written originally in Sanskrit by one of the first Indian poets named Valmiki, it is now regarded as a sacred piece of work throughout the Middle East and has diffused to other parts of the world. The epic poem is heavily based on the religion Hinduism and has a tremendous affect on the culture and life of India. Sometimes told in the form of a story, the ancient work describes the divine life of Rama from birth to marriage along with several others, Rama’s family such as Sita (Rama’s wife), Dasaratha (Rama’s father), Bharata and Lakshmana (Rama’s brothers), and Rama’s encounters such as Hanuman and Ravana. Ramayana also describes values such as faithfulness, loyalty, family roles and responsibilities and respect. In general, it focuses on the principles of human existence and virtue or righteousness (dharma) and that life is twofold: good and evil. In ancient India, practicing polygamy is not uncommon. In the story, Dasaratha, King of Ayodhya has three queens and four sons named Rama, Bharata, Lakshman and Shatrughna in which Rama’s mother is Kaushalya and Bharata’s mother is Kaikeyi. Much of the good values we see in the Ramayana revolve around these characters. The story of Ramayana goes into the life of Rama. He is the oldest son of King Dasaratha. According to Hinduism, Rama is one of the nine incarnations of the god Vishnu, preserver of the universe. In Ramayana, he is depicted in blue, an indication of south Indian god, on Earth. Also observingly, he can be better known as the bow-and- arrow man. Rama grew up as a bowman along with his brothers who was trained by a
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sage knowledgeable in archery. As he grows up, his life changes. Such changes include getting married. When the city adjacent to Ayodhya is holding a special occasion where
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Ramayana - The Ramayana is an ancient epic poem of India...

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