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Koonhen Xie March 17th 2011 The Tao De Ching , an ancient text that got translated into more than 100 versions in many languages throughout the globe, was originally written at around 600 BCE by a Chinese man believed to be named Lao Tzu. At around this time, the Zhou dynasty ruled china and continued its ruling for approximately 4 more centuries. However, during these centuries persistent setbacks such as the foreigners’ intrusion of their empire and the violent disturbances amongst themselves caused great problems that led to its eventual downfall. It was during this period of intense conflict that the origin of Lao Tzu and his work, which contains significant core teaching and beliefs, developed. The Tao De Ching is one of the most famous historical works and it contains a few mysteries. Some people regarded it as a vehicle for religious and philosophical developments while others regarded it as a response to the disruption of the Zhou dynasty. To exactly understand the themes and key points of this historical work, one needs to understand one of the text’s main concepts- the Tao- among several others. Tao is itself an ambiguous term. Meaning literally “the way”, the Tao can’t be expressed or understood in language or though due to its ineffable characters. According to the Tao De Ching though , Tao is a named given by the scholar Lao tzu to something natural and inherit that existed even before heaven and earth were created. Tao can be expressed as “the Mother of all things” because it is the existence of all natural things. Tao is the greater whole or creator of everything in the universe and it pervades everywhere. It is sometimes referred to as the flow of the universe in which the flow keeps the universe well maintained and ordered. The following snippet “The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao; The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The Nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth; The Named is the mother of all things.” describes the Tao in a nutshell.
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Koonhen Xie March 17th 2011
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Tao De Ching wciv 3-18 - Koonhen Xie March 17th 2011 The...

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