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wciv week 5 - WEEK FIVE QUIZ Due 3—18—2011 Please be...

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Unformatted text preview: WEEK FIVE QUIZ Due 3—18—2011 Please be sure to check off only one response. Student's Name 1.) The geographic location of Iran [ancient Persia] A El makes it a strong barrier between east and west B makes it a link between west, south and central Asia C III provided many good harbors D El indicates a land that received plentiful rains 2.) Why did satrapies have more autonomy the farther they were from the central seat of government? A communication was so slow that it was impractical to refer matters to the central govermnent B D outlying areas were constaly beguiled by border peoples to follow their own course C [I the Persian king alway placed his major rivals at a distance to prevent them from rebelling D D outlying areas were less fertile and so of less interest to the central govermnent 3.) Which group of Persian workers received the most pay? A|:|men B women C |:|children D pregnant women 4.) For the Greeks and other peoples living around it, the Mediterranean was A III a barrier to trade B D a barrier to invasion C a highway to the lands surrounding it D El irrelevant to their affairs 5.) When the Greeks developed their alphabet it A was probably for economic reasons B D allowed them to write down their plays C D was so hard to understand only scribes could learn it D El was only used to write poetry 6.) What was the central ritual of Greek religion? A El song and dance B V sacrifice C III fasting D D the oracles 7.) What enabled Athenian battleship oarsmen to gain an equal voice in the democratic system? A El the Hoplite Revolt B D war with the 1\’Iinoans C the importance of the navy to the Athenian military D III a vote in the Athenian Assembly 8.) What motivated the theft of Alexander the Great's corpse by members of the Ptolemaic dynasty? A El they feared his ghost B D the believed his corpse would bring them good fortune C III the sought to humiliate the Greeks D the wanted to legitimize their own power by claiming his blessing 9.) To the Persians the conflict with the Greeks A D was all—consuming B D was important for the survival of their empire C [I was less important to them than it was to the Greeks D seemed inconsequential 10.) Why is Herodotus considered the 'father of history"? A [I he was the first to record history B V he sought the causes behind historical events C El he was a logographer D [I he wrote narratives of Greek events 11.) According to Lycrgus A boys were encouraged to steal food B D boys were banned from eating at noon C D boys were given a large number of outer garments D El boys were lodged in single rooms 12.) In the Arthasastra the king's happiness was A El based his relative wealth B V in the happiness of his subjects C [I came about through conquest D D was undefined Submit Answers |Back| ...
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