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wciv week 10 - \NEEK TEN QUIZ Due 5—13—2011 Please be...

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Unformatted text preview: \NEEK TEN QUIZ Due 5—13—2011 Please be sure to check off only one response. Student's Name 1.) The rise of Genghis Khan and the Mongols can be attributed A III solely to the charisma and military genius of Genghis Khan B D a mixture of religious affiliations C at least partially to the long—term trends and pressures of Central Asia D III to unusual weather patterns of the twelfth century 2.) If attacked by the Mongols, what would be the best course of action? A El negotiate B open the city gates to fight C El keep the gates closed but do not surrender D surrender 3.) To enhance their ability to control Russia, the Mongols A granted privileges to the Orthodox Church B D undermined local elites C D converted to Christianity D El had a partnership with the Russian cities 4.) The Mongol armies in western Eurasia were made up of A El ethnic Mongols B D Uighur mercenaries C [I Mamluks D an international force 5.) What did a Confucian adviser talk lDgodei out of doing? A El making Buddhism the official religion of China B D defeating southern China C [I attacking Japan a third time D turning the rich farmlands of northern China into pasture lands 6.) According to Mongol law, the status of the people within their realms was based on A III individual merit 'I') l_l ___£'I!J.____ ____ ___d_'__ D |_l Illllll'dl')" expertise C where they or their ancestors were born D [I their educational level 7.) The Mongolian influenced Chinese vernacular language is often called A El Uighur B Mandarin C |:| Hakka D |:| Hmong 3.) The Nling Empire addressed the problem of hostile western Mongol conirol of the overland trade routes by A III ceasing trade B D fighting the Mongols C sending Zheng He to establish connections by sea D |:| bribing the Mongols 9. ) Which of the following best describes the religious atmosphere on the steppe? A [I All peoples followed the lGod known as Eternal Heaven B V a mixture of religious beliefs C El Islam was dominant D D Buddhism was the major religion 10.) Genghis Khan divided his empire into four A El Regions B Khanates C III Provinces D El Kingdoms 11.) The 1281 Mongolian invasion of Japan was forestalled by A D the Japanese military B the kamikaze C [I diplomacy D D a marriage treaty 12.) Tibetan Buddhist priests were A |:|lla1nas B sufis C El lamas D bodhis Submit Answers | Back to Readings | ...
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