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Olivia Downs Dr. Wolfgang Lepschy ENC 1101 25 June 2010 Summary of Carmen Wong Ulrich’s Essay In “The Oprah Effect” which was first published in Essence in 2006, Carmen Wong Ulrich explains how Oprah Winfrey has greatly affected pop culture. Ulrich presents that Oprah hosts her own show, The Oprah Winfrey Show , which is the number one rated show on television. On this show, Ulrich discusses how Oprah promotes what she believes is important and useful such as her favorite products and charities. According to Ulrich, Oprah’s show is broadcasted
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Unformatted text preview: internationally therefore she has an abundant audience. Oprah also promotes a variety of products and charities which bring in many unique customers. Ulrich verifies that when Oprah advertises a product, the sales increase enormously. For example, Oprah’s involvement in the Save Darfur Coalition raised donations 1,200 percent three days after being promoted on her show. With this information, Ulrich overviews how Oprah has influenced popular culture....
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