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Works Cited Exploratory Essay - Campbell Tyler Personal...

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Downs 1 Works Cited Anderson, Craig A., and Brad J. Bushman. “Effects of Violent Video Games on Aggressive Behavior, Aggressive Cognition, Aggressive Affect, Physiological Arousal, and Prosocial Behavior: A Meta- Analytic Review of the Scientific Literature.” Psychological Science 12(September 2001): 353- 359. JSTOR . Web. 14 July 2010.
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Unformatted text preview: Campbell, Tyler. Personal interview. 14 July 2010. “Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence?” Video Games . ProCon.org, 15 June 2010. Web. 14 July 2010. Suellentrop, Chris. “Playing With Our Minds.” Wilson Quarterly Vol. XXX, No. 3. Summer 2006: 14-21. SIRS Researcher . Web. 14 July 2010....
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