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Olivia Downs Dr. Wolfgang Lepschy ENG 1101 29 June 2010 Summary of William Severini Kowinski’s Excerpt In “Mallingering,” which was first published in The Malling of America- Travels in the United States of Shopping in 1985, William Severini Kowinski describes how the mall has become the most popular place to visit for shopping, entertainment, socializing, and sometimes even exercise. Kowinski explains how the mall has a numerous variety of stores from a grocery store to a record mart. According to Kowinski, the variety of stores satisfies all ages so it is convenient. Kowinski also illustrates how the mall provides copious entertainment methods. For instance, on a Friday or Saturday night there is a movie theatre to go see a movie or sometimes
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Unformatted text preview: promo parties just to bring in a crowd. Socializing is a fundamental of going to the mall. There are so many different kinds of people there that sometimes it is possible to end up meeting a few people or sometimes more. Sometimes, Kowinski asserts, people plan to just meet up or plan to make new friends. The mall is also used as a place for exercise. Older people use walking around the mall as their exercise and time to get out of the house. In conclusion, Kowinski clarifies that the mall has become an essential part of our culture for providing abundant resources for our wants and needs. Overall, the mall is about what it was generally made for, shopping....
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