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Olivia Downs Ms. Missy James ENC 1102, 11:35AM November 18, 2010 Home Schooling: In 2009, there were an estimated 2 million home-educated students in the United States from grades K to 12 (NHERI). The number of home schooled children has only increased, therefore calling it “one of the most significant social trends of the past half century,” according to home schooling expert Patricia Lines (Update: Home Schooling). For years, there has been debate over the issue of home schooling. Critics have questioned whether home schooling is a feasible alternative for standard public and private schooling. In addition, critics have started controversy over whether home schooled children should have equal access to extracurricular activities. Although the critics and supporters both have their own opinions, all students, regardless of how they receive their education, should receive the same benefits. All in all, home- education is a feasible alternative to public and private schooling and the students deserve equal access to extracurricular activities. Home schooling is a wonderful substitute for public and private schooling. Some families choose to home school their children because of the ability to individualize the curriculum and learning environment for each child (NHERI). Stephany Hoffelt of Iowa has home schooled her four children for four years. “The kids need to be taught at their own individual pace to their own individual skills,” says Hoffelt (Hines-Dochterman). Children with any type of learning disability or disorder can greatly benefit from the one-on-one attention. Having the individual attention can prohibit distractions and keep the focus on learning. Students in public schools suffer from lack
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of individual attention. They are continuously surrounded by friends or disorderly students who have no desire to learn. Home schooled children are said to be more self-motivated and independent than their peers due to the freedom that home-education provides (Update: Home Schooling). Home schooling advocate Helen Cordes stated, “Home schooling can allow kids to
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homeschooling - Olivia Downs Ms Missy James ENC 1102...

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