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Proposal - 4 Feudalism(Economic structure 5...

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Olivia Downs Hum2210 March 22, 2011 Timeline Project Proposal Early Middle Ages The Early Middle Ages refer back to the time where the Germanic and Roman cultures  merged. This period also classifies the rise to power within societies and adaptation to  the Christian church. The main focus on my project will focus on the Anglo-Saxons and  different humanities areas within their culture. This will be studied through the art,  literature, leaders, culture, and economic and political structure within this empire.  For this project, I will use Powerpoint because it is the easiest way to organize the images  with their terms in the most professional way. In the slideshow I will match the given  images with facts to describe the important factors of the given people and geography. Examples : 1) Anglo-Saxons. (Culture) 2) Beowulf (Literature) 3) Purse cover, from Sutton Hoo (Visual art)
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Feudalism (Economic structure) 5) Charlemagne. (Leader) 6) Anglo-Saxon law (Political structure) Sources : 1) Carver, M.O.H. “Sutton Hoo: Burial Ground of Kings?” University of Pennsylvania Press: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1998, Print. 2) Durant, Will. "King Charlemagne", History of Civilization Vol III, The Age of Faith. Electronic version in the Knighthood, Tournaments & Chivalry Resource Library, Ed. Brian R. Price http://www.chronique.com/Library/MedHistory/charlemagne.htm\ 3) Hinds, Gareth. “Beowulf”, 1 st Candlewick Press ed: Cambridge, Mass, 2007. Print. 4) “History: Anglo-Saxons.” BBC News, http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ancient/anglo_saxons/. Web. 5) Sayre, Henry M.” The Humanities: Culture, Continuity, and Change, Book 1: Medieval Europe and the Shaping of World Cultures: 200 to 1400”. Pearson Education, Limited, 2008. Print....
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