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Required books EXPLANATION FOR STUDENTS BB F 2010 -...

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Required books for NDFS 100 (Fall 2010): Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies , Twelfth Edition , by Sizer and Whitney The lectures and all quizzes and tests are based on the 12 th edition. It is different enough from the 11 th edition that you will be at a disadvantage trying to use the 11 th edition: you will never know what is the same and what is different. Text $116.25 new if purchased separately; $121.25 for a new text shrink-wrapped with the access code Used editions of the text are not available, as this is a new, recently-published edition. Access code for Diet Analysis Plus You will use this for Assignment 2, when you evaluate your own food intake and for Assignment 3A when you evaluate the nutrient content of the recipe you make or 3B when you plan and follow a 1-day food menu. To comply with copyright laws, each student is expected to purchase their own access code. ($28 if purchased separately) Packet of learning materials : Bring your packet to class each day.
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