What my top 240 students do to be successful

What my top 240 students do to be successful - How do my...

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How do my top 240 students approach the class that helps them to be so successful? In Fall 2010 semester, I surveyed the students who were in the top 5% of the class with the following questions, so that I could share that information with other students who take my MMBIO 240 class. The following answers are the answers that they gave, not modified in any way. 1. How do you prepare for class/pop quizzes? How much time do you spend preparing before class? --I found out the first day of class that if I didn't prepare ahead of time by reading and taking notes on the lectures, the information came at me way to fast. I read the lecture slides before class and take detailed notes on them, usually spending about 30-60 minutes on each lecture topic. Before class quizzes, I read through my notes for prep. --To prepare for class and the quizzes I read through the topic that we are going to discuss in class and write out all the answers or responses to the learning objectives for that topic. For a one topic day it takes less than an hour usually, for a two topic day, maybe an hour and a half or so. --I read through the slides the night before for about 30 minutes to an hour (depending on the length of the slides/ number of them) --For the class quizzes, I read thoroughly through the whole powerpoint presentation at least once, mostly twice, sometimes three times. I do the first read-through usually the day before class. Then, right before class (usually within an hour of class or so) I re-read the powerpoint slides looking for definitions and thinking to myself what likely questions would be. I commit as much to memory as I can and figure studying hard for the quiz is really just a head start on exam preparation. I pray a lot as well for help to study the right things and to get a 10 on the quiz. Also, I am never late to class. --To study for class and the pop quizzes I read what is assigned then review the slides for that lecture, focusing on the learning objectives. The time I spend doing this depends mostly on how long the reading is. --I would skim over the slides and look for definitions of new words or expansion of concepts discussed in previous lectures. This was a pretty good way to predict quiz questions and have some exposure to recall the information on a multiple choice question. I would spend about 15 minutes. I didn't expect to understand what was going on until after the lecture. --Typically the way I prepare for class is that I'll read the assigned reading usually two days in advance and take very general notes (1-2 hours, sometimes less depending on the assignment). Then either the day of or the night before I'll look over the lecture slides briefly
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(30mins - 1hour). Recently, I've done the reading with the lecture slides open and it has really improved what I absorb. --I prepare for class/pop quizzes by studying the powerpoints before class. I have a notebook
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What my top 240 students do to be successful - How do my...

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