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Why Study Chemistry? Chemistry is part of the fabric of our life 1 - from the lather in our shower gels and the shoes on our feet, to colors that surround us, the odors we experience, and the electronic devices that make life so convenient. Indeed chemistry is often cited to be the central science 2 . To understand why a leaf changes color in Fall 3 , or why graphite helps a soapbox racer run faster, or why shower gels get us clean, or how our body functions requires an understanding of chemistry. To design a synthetic fiber with particular properties, a life- saving drug, or a space capsule requires a knowledge of chemistry. Chemists are deeply involved in tackling the problems faced by our modern society. On any given day chemists may be found studying the interactions of enzymes governing body functions, measuring the amounts of chemical contaminants in drinking water, developing a new anti-cancer agent, determining protein or carbohydrate content of particular foods, or analyzing rock specimens recovered from the moon. Chemistry is a challenging subject.
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