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Unformatted text preview: Writing a Good Research Paper Paper Citation Style Citation APA APA Intext as well as a Reference List Intext The Purdue Website can be very helpful – http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/56 0/05/ Basic Work-Cited Rules Basic After the first line, all lines should be indented. Author listed last name first (Smith, J.) give list of Author names unless more than 6 Should be alphabetized by first Author's last name name In article title only capitalize proper nouns and In the first word. Journal Titles capitalize all major words and Italicize Italicize Example Example Berndt, T. J. (2002). Friendship quality and Berndt, social development. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 11, 7-10. Psychological Wegener, D. T., & Petty, R. E. (1994). Mood Wegener, management across affective states: The hedonic contingency hypothesis. Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, 66, of 1034-1048. 1034-1048. Intext Citations Intext You can also introduce it differently but the You basic style is as follows: basic – (Last name, year, page #) (Last – ie. (Smith, 2004, p.5) Need page number for direct quotes Not necessary for paraphrasing Introduce all quotes with own words (not a Introduce complete sentence that is just a quote) complete Better to Paraphrase than Direct Quotes Basic Paper Requirements Basic Thesis and three supporting ideas 3 PEER Reviewed sources No websites like wikipedia No Newspapers Use scientific sources for definitions not a Use regular dictionary. regular Transitions Transitions Flow and Organization Flow Thesis Thesis A good thesis is VITAL for good paper good organization organization Your thesis is your argument – what you Your want to prove want – Have 3 main points or 3 main supporting Have points points – Then have a paragraph/section for each of Then these 3 main points these Thesis should be last sentence of Intro Thesis Paragraph Paragraph Introduction Introduction First Paragraph – Start general or broad Make interesting capture the reader’s attention – Each sentence should be a little more specific Each towards thesis towards – Lead into thesis – Thesis is last sentence ...
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