Group Homework Assignment on mRNA structure

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Homework Assignment #3 Due Monday Nocv. 14 th in class. Work in groups (whenever possible)! You’ll learn more, plus it will be easier for us to grade! Assignment: Draw a diagram of a eukaryotic messenger RNA, and include in it each of the essential components that we have discussed in class. The material in topics 19-29 will give you the information needed to do this. Assume that splicing has not yet occurred on this mRNA, and include a single intron in your mRNA. Mark the conserved RNA sequences for introns clearly by underlining. All other events required to make a mature mRNA have already taken place and you need to include those features in your mRNA. Label all of the core components (including ends) of a eukaryotic mRNA, and underline all of the essential RNA sequences. Highlight the open reading frame so that it can be clearly seen. We have slowly covered all of these details over the period of the 3 rd unit; this exercise is intended to help you to assimilate all of that information. As you work on this, here are some questions to consider (need not include the answers in your
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