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Homework assignment _2 - Homework assignment on studying...

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Homework assignment on studying gene expression Background: Gene expression is one of the most intensely studied areas of molecular biology because so many types of human diseases are attributed to improper levels of gene expression (gene is either too active or not active enough). Alternatively, a gene may be subject to alternative splicing: more than one type of mRNA can be produced from a single gene, resulting in production of more than one type of protein from a single gene. If one chooses to use the correct tools, one can readily detect if alternative splicing is taking place from a gene. Many different types of methods have been developed that allow us to study various aspects of gene expression, including quantification of mRNAs, and detection of single or thousands of mRNAs simultaneously. Some assays focus on detection of just a single sequence, while others can allow for detection of multiple mRNA molecule types at once. Each technique has advantages and disadvantages to using it, and the purpose of this exercise is to help you to refine your ability to decide which technique would best address a particular question . Example diseases affected by improper gene expression include cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune diseases, etc. For instance, in cancer there is almost always a combination of genes that are improperly expressed in cancer cells. Some genes serve a purpose in regulating how often a cell can divide. Some genes are able to sense when a cell is dividing too quickly and thus send a signal to the cell to self-destruct (apoptosis). Yet other
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Homework assignment _2 - Homework assignment on studying...

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