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Introduction to Philosophy Study Questions Exam#2 Rene Descartes 1. What were three factors contributing to the “crisis of knowledge” in the intellectual culture of the late 16 th and early 17 th century? 2. What was the “new science” in Descartes’ day? How did it differ from scientific views in the medieval period? 3.How did the new science motivate Descartes’ intellectual project? 4. Describe Descartes’ early education at La Fleche. What was Descartes’ attitude toward this education later in life? Did he find any positive elements in his education? 5. What are the four rules for reasoning that Descartes lays out in the Discourse on Method ? 6. In the Discourse on Method , Descartes agrees to practically accept what kinds of beliefs while he goes on his intellectual journey of ridding himself of former opinions? 7. Be aware of Descartes’ focus of Meditations I, II, and III in the Meditations on First Philosophy . 8. What is Descartes’ “dream argument?” This argument was designed to raise doubt
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