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MGMT 405: Management and Organization Behavior Spring 2009 ONLINE COURSE Professor Ronald Purser Office: Bus 349, email , Skype: rpurser1 Office Hours: To Be Announced; Faculty Furloughs imposed by CSU administration will reduce the availability and frequency of office hours. Teaching Assistant: Pranav Lal, email: Note: The best way to contact me is via email. As I receive lots of emails I won’t respond to emails that don’t have the course name, Mgmt 405 in the subject heading This is a fully online course; there are no class meetings. Please note that all exams and assignments will be conducted online with iLearn. There are no physical or face-to-face classes at the SFSU campus. Course Overview* MGMT 405 is an introductory course that focuses on a variety of key topics to understand the fundamentals of management and organization behavior. Since almost all of you will be working in an organization, the more that you understand key factors that increase an organization's effectiveness, the more successful you should be during your career. Although most of you may not be working in a managerial role, you will be working for a variety of managers throughout your career. The more that you understand the world of work from a managerial perspective, the better your working relationship should be with your manager. A working relationship with your manager should enhance your job and career success. For those of you who will be working in a managerial role, this course will provide you with a comprehensive overview of key factors related to performing effectively as a manager. The key theme of the course is the challenges that managers and organizations will encounter during the 21st century. Topics include the study of key management functions; namely, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. A variety of important behavioral areas that we focus on include communicating, motivation, and teamwork. Other key topics include ethics and social responsibility, decision making, and human resources. Objectives 1. To understand characteristics of effective organizations and the challenges they will encounter during the 21st century. 2. To understand actions and factors related to effectively performing key managerial functions. 3. To understand a variety of behavioral factors related to effective managerial, organizational, and employee performance. 4. To apply concepts related to managerial, organizational, and employee performance in a variety of settings and situations. 1
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REQUIRED TEXTBOOK The following textbooks will work for this class: DAFT 2 nd Edition, DAFT Custom Edition, DAFT 9 th Edition, DAFT 8 th Edition (Management) Since there are different versions of the text, be careful that chapter numbers are coorect. This syllabus and iLearn is using the Custom edition so any reference to the text is to the
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MGMT405_Fall2009_Syllabus_PURSER-2-1 - MGMT 405: Management...

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