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WELCOME_TO_MGMT_405_ONLINE_NOTE - Because we have 200...

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WELCOME TO MGMT 405 ONLINE. I have organized the class a little differently from previous semesters. Basically, the only assignment this week is to just become familiar with the iLearn site, and to read CHAPTER 1 in the Daft text. You should also watch the video clips I have, review the Powerpoint slides, and look over the Study Notes that are posted. When there are specific assignments, you will see them posted in iLearn for that particular week. Like next week, during WEEK 2, I ask you to go to a website (MERLOT) and become a member ( www.MERLOT.org ). In previous classes, I had students participate every week on online discussion forums. This semester, we will only have 4 online discussion forums. The first one is coming up on WEEK 4, where you will discuss the GOOGLE videos.
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Unformatted text preview: Because we have 200 students in this class, I am hoping that for the online discussion forums, we will utilize separate groups. What this means that rather than posting your comments to all 200 students to read, you will be assigned to a smaller group…probably of about 20 students. YOU WILL BE ASSIGNED AUTOMATICALLY. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING TO BE ASSIGNED TO YOUR GROUP. You will only see comments from 20 students, rather than all 200. This will make the forums much more interesting and manageable. This should be enough for now to get you started. Be sure that you keep up on all the readings of the chapters. Also, download the ONLINE EXAM SCHEDULE that is now posted to the Resources area. This will show you all the dates and times for the upcoming 4 EXAMS....
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WELCOME_TO_MGMT_405_ONLINE_NOTE - Because we have 200...

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