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DS 412 Operations Management Spring 2010 Midterm Exam 1 – Part I Prof Uday Note : 1. This is the take-home part of the exam. 2. Use MS Excel to answer the question. 3. Your computer printouts must be turned in along with your in-class exam. 4. Please bring this question sheet to your in-class exam. Great California Amusement Park has noted a decrease in the number of visitors for the past several years. In order to maintain its revenue stream and to counter the effects of inflation, the park has frequently raised its ticket prices. It is now beginning to wonder if the increasing ticket prices were, in fact, responsible for the decrease in its visitors. The number of visitors to the park (in thousands) for the past ten years is
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Unformatted text preview: shown below. Children and senior citizens were entitled to discounted ticket prices; therefore, the average ticket prices for all visitors are provided. Year Annual # of visitors (thousands) Average ticket price ($) 2000 94 18 2001 90 19 2002 84 20 2003 77 22 2004 78 22 2005 71 24 2006 68 25 2007 60 26 2008 59 28 2009 53 30 a. Develop a Time Series Regression model with Annual # of visitors as the dependent variable and Year as the independent variable. b. Develop a Causal Regression model with Annual # of visitors as the dependent variable and Average ticket price as the independent variable. Do not make any forecasts. Obtain the computer printouts of the Excel outputs....
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