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  2) Check to see whether the mutation is recessive and trans-acting (most will be).  If the mutation is constitutive then it is likely in the gene for a repressor.  If the mutation is uninducible then it is likely in the gene for an activator.    repressor – activator enzyme + enzyme Although loss of  function mutations in  genes for repressors or  activators are generally  the most common type of  regulatory mutation, the  table below will help  you to interpret 
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Unformatted text preview: mutations in sites or more complicated mutations in proteins. Type of Mutation Phenotype Dominant/Recessive Cis/Trans-acting repressor – constitutive recessive trans-acting activator– uninducible recessive trans-acting operator – constitutive dominant cis-acting promoter – uninducible recessive cis-acting repressor-- constitutive dominant trans-acting or activator s s repressor s s uninducible dominant trans-acting...
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