15 - which act as filters, excluding blood cells and...

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1. Problematic Metabolic End Products 2. Toxins 3. Water Balance Amino Acids: NH3 (Urea, Uric Acid) Water recovery: ... aquatic, salt water (NH3) ... aquatic, fresh water (NH3) ... terrestrial (Urea) Concentration above body Osmolarity Mammals (urea) and Birds (uric acid) PARTS: SYSTEM KIDNEY NEPHRON Renal Artery / Vein Renal Cortex Glomerulus Kidney Renal Medulla Bowman's Capsule Ureter Renal Pelvis Proximal Tubule Bladder Loop of Henle Urethra Distal Tubule Collecting Duct Nephron is functional unit of kidney. NEPHRONIC ACTIVITIES: Bowman's Capsule Glomerulus is "ball" of blood capillaries embedded in "ball-like" end of Proximal Tubule; this Ball-like end is called Bowman's Capsule. Capillaries are surrounded by special cells called "Podocytes" which have specialized joinings
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Unformatted text preview: which act as filters, excluding blood cells and proteins from entering the Proximal Tubule Proximal Tubule Active transport "OUT" of Na+. Na+ co-transport of glucose, amino acids, vitamins, etc. H 2 O out by osmosis (65% of entering). Toxin excretion. Loop of Henle Establishes Na+ concentration gradient which "extracts" H 2 O from urine (by osmosis) as it descends through this gradien collecting ducts. Distal Tubule Similar to Proximal Tubule. Hormonally regulated K+ secretion and H 2 O Collecting Duct "Descends" from cortex, through medulla, emptying into Renal Pelvis. "Descends" through increasing Na+ concentration H 2 O removed by Osmosis. Final urine is what drips out of collecting duct...
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15 - which act as filters, excluding blood cells and...

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