16 - Osm declines up loop. Active transport of Na+ continu

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1 Driving force: ..Active transport of Na+ OUT ...... of upper ascending limb. Interstitial Na+ increases above 300 mOsm 2 Descending limb: ..H 2 O moves out by osmosis. As H 2 O leaves, Na+ increases, continuing to increase to bottom loop where conc. is 1200 mOsm 3 A scending limb: ..Na+ moves out of lower loop ...... by diffusion. Internal / external Osm closely m
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Unformatted text preview: Osm declines up loop. Active transport of Na+ continu "squeezing" out Na+. 4 Distal tubule: ..Osm as low as 100 mOsm. ..H 2 O perm. regulated 5 Collecting duct: ..perm to H 2 O ..H 2 O returns to urine at top ..descent through environment ...... of increasing Osm H 2 O driven out by osmosis...
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