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1) Very efficient transfer of markers carried on  FFFFF . These can be markers that were transferred very late  in the  HHHHH from which the  F was derived.  2) No transfer of chromosomal markers not on  FFFFF F s can be used to perform genetic tests of function because a cell containing a  FFFFF will be diploid for the  region of the chromosome carried on  FFFFF . This is known as a  mmmmm . For example, if we isolated a new  L mutation we could use an  F + to determine whether the  L – mutation is dominant or recessive. 
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Unformatted text preview: Growth on lactose L + + L – – L – / + + ( L – is recessive) It is also possible to test for functional complementation of two linked mutations. Consider two mutations, A – and B–– , that are close together and have the same phenotype. We can introduce an FFFFF carrying A– into a strain with a B– mutation. If the merodiploid has a wild type phenotype then we know that the mutations complement and are therefore in different genes....
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