Age of Eart2 - 500 million years Burgess Shale Fossils Many...

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Age of Earth II. Biological Evolution: III. Abiotic Evolution BUT. .. ....HOW DO WE GET TO THE FIRST STEP? ....HOW DO WE GET TO AN EARLIEST COMMON ANCESTOR? IV. Life from Space? Lecture 2: Prokaryotes 8/25/98 Outline I. History -- Geological History <<>> Biological History Age of Earth 4.5 billion years radioisotopic dating of meteorites formed during formation of solar system Earliest Common Ancestor 3.5-4 billion years formation of solid crust vs. observation of oldest fossils Oldest Prokaryotic Fossils 3.5 billion years possible cyanobacteria bacteria (autotrophic - photosynthetic). Western Austrailia (Fig 24.1) Oldest Eukaryotic 2.1 billion years possible eukarytic
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Fossils algae, Michigan (Han & Runnegar, 1992, Science 257:232) .. Giardia - "intermediate form" ..two nuclei, no mitochondria Multicellular Eukaryotes 1-1.2 billion years projected from on DNA sequence analysis Cambrian "Explosion" (Animals)
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Unformatted text preview: 500 million years Burgess Shale Fossils Many of current animal phyla (echinoderms, annelids, arthropods, chordates). Appearance of skeletons poss. in response to predation. Summary of animal evolution: Fig. 29.1. Summary of chordate evolution: Fig. 30.6. Origins of Plants from green algae 460 million years Fossil Record Summary of Plant evolution: Fig. 27.3. Vascular Plants 400 million years Gymnosperms 360 million years "naked seeds", conifers, etc. Angiosperms 130 million years "contained seeds", flowering plants Oldest Vertebrates 500 million years jawless, fishlike Oldest Jawed Vertebrates 500 million years Hox gene duplications Oldest Bony Fishes 425-450 million years Oldest Amphibians 365 million years Oldest Reptiles 300 million years Oldest Mammals 220 million years Homo erectus 1-2 million years fig. 30.32 Homo sapien 100,000 years fig. 30.32...
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Age of Eart2 - 500 million years Burgess Shale Fossils Many...

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