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Antibody kinetics: The figure illustrates the production of antibody in response to antigenic substances. In this figure, an animal was injected with Antigen A at day 0. Antigen A invokes a primary response beginning about day 4, as indicated by a rise in the specific antibody titer (titer = measure of the amount of antibody in the animal's serum per unit volume). Initially, this antibody is mostly IgM (and some IgG). After a peak titer between days 7 and 10, the response decreases rapidly. If the animal is then reinjected with Antigen A at day 28, the
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Unformatted text preview: production of antibody begins almost immediately and reaches a level 1000-fold greater that that seen in the primary response. This is known as the secondary response and the principal antibody produced is IgG. If a second antigen (Antigen B) is also injected at the same time as the reinjection of Antigen A, however, only a primary response to Antigen B is observed. These results demonstrate that: 1. The immune response is specific. 2. The immune response has memory....
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