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BIG 5 - 4 Abscisic Acid(leaves stems green fruit close...

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BIG 5 (35.1p.753) ACTION ACTION 1. Auxin (shoot tip) cell elongation phototropism/gravitropism inhibit lateral bud sprouting ( apical dominance ) vascular tissue, fruit development Retard senescence Stimulate ethylene p 2. Cytokinin (roots) stimulate lateral bud sprouting prevent senescence promote cell divisio Stimulate fruit, endo 3. Gibberellin (meristem, young leaves) stem elongation stimulate flowering fruit development.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Abscisic Acid (leaves, stems, green fruit) close stomata water stress promotes dormancy in seeds and buds 5. Ethylene (ripe fruit, old leaves) promotes fruit ripening leaf abscission inhibits stem elonga Others. .. ACTION ACTION 1. Brassinolide (steroid) apical dominance growth & fertility light regulated gene expression 2. Florigens uncharacterized regulate flowering (regulated by daylength)...
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