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CONTROL: Sanitary: Generally, avoiding the introduction of bacteria is most important in preventing disease. Proper wound cleansing and surgical procedures can be highly effective. Immunological: None are currently in practice . Chemotherapeutic: Prophylaxis prior to dental , bowel, gynecological surgery can prevent infection. Active disease can be treated using carbenicillin, cefoxitin or chloramphenicol. Salmonella ORGANISM: Genus: Salmonella Species: typhi , enteritidis , cholerae-suis GENERAL CONCEPTS: The diseases produced by different species
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Unformatted text preview: of Salmonella are collectively known as "salmonelloses". These diseases occur worldwide and are most generally manifested as a self-limiting gastroenteritis. • Salmonellae are pathogenic because of their capacity to i) invade intestinal mucosa and ii) produce toxins. • The salmonellae infect a variety of animals, resulting in a large animal reservoir. S. typhi is more specific to humans, however. • Approximately 2000 serotypes of Salmonella are known...
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