CONTROL5 - RNA genome This RNA is 5-capped and...

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CONTROL: Sanitary: HAV infection may be prevented by ensuring a safe water supply; HBV and HCV may be prevented by testing the blood supply. Immunological: Human immunoglobulin prevents or attenuates HAV and vaccines are under study. A vaccine for HBV is available and effective. A vaccine against HCV is under study. Chemotherapeutic: None. Togaviruses VIRUS: Togaviruses: Alphavirus, Flavivirus GENERAL CONCEPTS: The Togaviruses are divided into two groups; Alphaviruses and Flaviviruses. Togaviruses are enveloped and contain a positive stranded
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Unformatted text preview: RNA genome. This RNA is 5'-capped and 3'-polyadenylated. • This group of viruses are called "arboviruses" because their life cycle involves alternating between vertebrates and arthropod vectors, mostly mosquitoes. • The Togavirus' natural cycle usually involves birds and mammals and rarely humans with the exception of those responsible for yellow fever and dengue fever. • Overall, there are approximately 25 types that are pathogenic for humans....
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CONTROL5 - RNA genome This RNA is 5-capped and...

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