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DIAGNOSIS: Clinical: Clinical diagnosis is difficult if not impossible. Laboratory: The coliforms and Proteus are easily cultivated and identified by routine laboratory procedures. As a group, the Enterobacteriaceae are oxidase negative, capable of reducing nitrates to nitrites, ferment glucose, ferment lactose (except Proteus ) and motile (except Klebsiella ). Many conventional and rapid identification systems are available. CONTROL: Sanitary:
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Unformatted text preview: Frequent hand-washing by staff and a general awareness of microbial presence can reduce hospital-acquired infections. Disinfectants are not always effective. • Immunological: There is the possibility of anti-serum or vaccine against these organisms but none are currently in use. • Chemotherapeutic: Moderate or broad spectrum antibiotics are generally useful. Susceptibility tests should be performed when appropriate....
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