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DIAGNOSIS: Clinical: These diseases present as febrile illnesses after exposure to arthropods or animal hosts or aerosols in endemic areas and are easily misdiagnosed. A delay in diagnosis may be partly responsible for the high mortality from Spotted fever. The spread of the rash is often characteristic: spread from the trunk to the extremities (centrifugal) is typical for typhus; spread from the extremities to the trunk (centripetal) is typical for spotted fever. Laboratory: The use of immunofluorescent antibodies to
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Unformatted text preview: examine a biopsy can be diagnostic. The organism can be inoculated into tissue culture and grown over 4-7 days but this is very hazardous to personnel. The Weil-Felix test looks for the production of serum antibody that is reactive against Proteus OX19, OX2 or OXK antigens but it is not always reliable. CONTROL: • Sanitary: Arthropod and rodent control are possible but difficult. • Immunological: No vaccines are currently available. • Chemotherapeutic: or are drugs of choice....
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