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DIAGNOSI6 - • Laboratory Darkfield smears can be used to...

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DIAGNOSIS: Clinical: The symptomology of the recurrent fevers is not specific enough for accurate clinical diagnosis. With Lyme disease, however, the occurrence of a "bulls-eye" lesion on the skin (erythema chronicum migrans, ECM) is almost always (85%) associated with infection. This usually begins as a small red lesion that enlarges over several weeks to a reddened area that may cover several inches in diameter. Among cases that show ECM, about 20% progress to include arthralgia, about 50% involve intermittent episodes of arthritis and 10% progress to chronic arthritis.
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Unformatted text preview: • Laboratory: Darkfield smears can be used to observe the relapsing fever Borrelia but serologic tests (ELISA) are a better determinant for Lyme disease. CONTROL: • Sanitary: Measures to eliminate the tick and louse vectors are important for reducing the incidence of human disease. • Immunological: A recombinant vaccine is available for Lyme disease, with a 75-90% efficacy. • Chemotherapeutic: is the drug of choice. NOTE: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have an excellent...
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