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DISTINCTIVE PROPERTIES: The Borreliae are similar to Leptospira but somewhat fatter and have more complex nutritional requirements. The cell wall contains various lipids including cholesterol. PATHOGENESIS: Borreliae produce a generalized infection following an incubation period of about 1 week. Symptoms include fever, headache and muscle pain that lasts 4-10 days and subsides. An afebrile period lasting 5-6 days follows and then there is a recurrence of acute symptoms. Epidemic relapsing fever (transmitted by lice) is generally
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Unformatted text preview: more severe than endemic relapsing fever (transmitted by ticks) and has an approximately 40% mortality if untreated. Also, the epidemic form is generally characterized by having a single relapse, while the endemic form may have several relapses due to cyclic antigenic variation of the Borrelia . • Lyme disease (transmitted by ticks) involves the production of ulcerative lesions on the skin and may lead to arthritis or neurologic involvement....
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