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DISTINCTIVE PROPERTI21 - involved in mediating attachment...

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DISTINCTIVE PROPERTIES: Bordetella are Gram negative coccobacilli. They produce a capsule and are strict aerobes. Only B. bronchiseptica is motile. Bordetella possess the heat stable endotoxin LPS and produce several exotoxins. These include: 1. Pertussigen: A 120 kD protein exhibiting the A-B model for toxin activity. Pertussigen is an ADP- ribosyl-transferase that interferes with the transfer of signals from cell surface receptors. Pertussigen is also
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Unformatted text preview: involved in mediating attachment to respiratory epithelia. 2. Adenylate cyclase toxin: this toxin increases cAMP levels, inhibiting immune effector cell functions. 3. Tracheal cytotoxin: This toxin causes ciliostasis and extrusion of ciliated epithelia. 4. Dermonecrotic toxin: This heat labile substance causes tissue destruction. 5. Filamentous hemagglutinin: This is involved in attachment to host cells....
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